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The Thanet Coast Project was set up in 2001 as a result of the workshops held with stakeholders to drive forward the priorities which people had identified for the North East Kent European marine sites. The project aims to: raise awareness of the areas important marine and bird life; work with people to safeguard coastal wildlife; be a one-stop shop for coastal information; promote wildlife events or activities
Address: c/o Thanet DC, PO Box 9 Cecil Street, Margate Kent CT9 1XZ
Telephone No: 01843 577672 & 577409
Fax: 01843 577686
Web Site:
Member Activities

Activities of the Thanet Coast Project include:

  • Run an extensive events and activities programme to raise awareness & links with the NE Kent Coast.
  • Help local coastal users to produce their own series of coastal codes and help with monitoring and reviewing them.
  • Implement the wildlife-related actions identified within the NE Kent European marine sites Management Scheme.
  • Co-ordinate coastal stakeholder meetings and links to the Management Scheme
  • Produce a twice-yearly newsletter to keep stakeholders and local people informed about progress.
  • Run & co-ordinate a voluntary Thanet Coast Warden Scheme.
  • Set up and maintain coastal GIS information with links to the activity monitoring.
  • Assist with other volunteer practicals, recording & monitoring surveys and links to partnership organisations.
  • Develop coastal educational resource links with community groups and schools.
  • Develop creative ways to link the site with local people using the arts and the coastscape.

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