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London Array Limited is a consortium of three world-leading renewable energy companies who are combining their experience and expertise to develop and build the world’s largest offshore wind farm.
Address: Floor 7, 50 , Broadway, London. SW1H 0RG
Telephone No: 0207 152 4626
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Work on Phase 1 started in July 2009 when we began building the onshore substation at Cleve Hill in Kent.

Phase 1

Facts and Figures:

    * An offshore area of 100km2
    * 175 wind turbines
    * Two offshore substations
    * Nearly 450km of offshore cabling
    * One onshore substation
    * 630MW  of electricity
    * Enough power for around 480,000 homes a year – two thirds of the homes in Kent
    * CO2 savings of 925,000 tonnes a year

Phase 1 will cost €2.2 billion to build and install, and should be complete in 2012.

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