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The Kent Area of the Environment Agency extends north and eastwards from the High Weald to encompass the river valleys of the Darent and Cray, Medway, Stour and Eastern Rother. Serving a population of 2 million, the Area includes rapidly developing parts of the south and east of London, the industrial low-lying Thames Estuary, the dowmands of Kent and the coastal marshes associated with the River Stour, the Eastern Rother and the Royal Military Canal. The Kent Area Office is located at Orchard House, Endeavour Park, London Road, Addington, near West Mailing. This office is central for Kent Area and is where teams responsible for environment planning and protection, water resource management, flood defence, fisheries, ecology and recreation are based. The newly formed Environment Planning and Environment Protection sections provide integrated regulation of major industrial activities, and regulate movement, treatment and disposal of waste. They also protect the quality of rivers, underground and coastal waters. The Area Office provides the technical focus for the operational work achieved in conjunction with three District Offices. Policy, strategic and specialist activities for the whole Southern Region are carried out from the Regional Office in Worthing. Local operational activities and field work are undertaken primarily by District staff from offices across the Kent Area at Rye, Tonbridge and Canterbury The District Offices provide a strong local presence and are staffed by specialist officers in the fields of water quality, water measurement and flood defence. Navigational responsibilities associated with the Harbour of Rye are carried out from a Port Office and the operational activities on the Medway Navigation are controlled from the Tonbridge Office.
Address: Kent Area Office, Orchard House, Endeavour Park, London Road Addington, West Malling Kent ME19 5SH
Telephone No: 08708 500250
Fax: 01732 875057
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