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The Flood Risk Management team are responsible for managing both fluvial and coastal flood risk in Kent. The main roles involve the development of long term plans and strategies for managing the risk, maintaining and where necessary improving the current flood defence assets, and the provision of a flood warning service to those who live and work in flood risk areas. A strategic approach is taken whereby overarching plans give broad-brush policy options for the plan area, and strategies are then produced to develop how these policies can be applied at a smaller scale. Schemes identified within the strategy are subsequently implemented in order of priority.
Address: Kent Area Office, Orchard House, Endeavour Park, London Road Addington, West Malling Kent ME19 5SH
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Member Activities

The FRM team are currently involved in the development of the Thames Estuary 2100 project (Which aims to investigate the future flood risk to London and the Thames Estuary over the next 100 years); assisting the review of Shoreline Management Plans, and producing an Estuary Shoreline Management Plan for the Medway and Swale Estuaries. 
Strategies are currently being produced for Sandwich Bay, will be presented at a public exhibition in November, and Whitstable to Faversham Creek, which has been produced by Canterbury City Council and was launched at an exhibition in October.

Examples of schemes being undertaken include:

Littlestone to St. Mary’s Bay sea defences which has entered phase 3, and involves increasing the height of the existing seawall.  This phase should be complete by the end of November. Earlier phases involved the recharge of tonnes of shingle onto the beach.

Pett Sea Defence scheme is designed to improve, amend and in some locations replace the existing structures (Groynes, shingle beach and seawall) to provide a standard of defence to a one in two hundred year return period. A component of this scheme is to recycle shingle from a borrow pit within the scheme frontage to the groyne construction areas. It also includes construction of an inland secondary embankment in the Winchelsea Beach to Rye Harbour section.

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