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Kent County Council co-ordinates the work of the Kent Biodiversity Partnership. More than thirty organisations, each with a focus on nature conservation in Kent, are working to develop and deliver actions for wildlife as part of the Kent Biodiversity Action Plan.
Address: E&E, Invicta House, County Hall Maidstone Kent ME14 1XX
Telephone No: 01622 221537
Fax: 01622 221636
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Member Activities

Co-ordination and implementation of twenty eight Habitat Action Plans forming the basis of a Kent Biodiversity Action Plan in 2004:

  1. Ancient &/or species-rich hedgerows
  2. Built-up areas and gardens
  3. Cereal field margins
  4. Chalk Rivers
  5. Coastal & floodplain grazing marsh
  6. Coastal saltmarsh
  7. Coastal sand dunes
  8. Coastal vegetated shingle
  9. Eutrophic standing water
  10. Littoral and sublittoral chalk
  11. Lowland beech and yew woodland
  12. Lowland calcareous grassland
  13. Lowland dry acid grassland
  14. Lowland fens
  15. Lowland hay meadows
  16. Lowland heath
  17. Lowland wood-pasture and parkland
  18. Maritime cliff and slope
  19. Marine
  20. Mixed broadleaved woodland
  21. Mudflats
  22. Old Orchards
  23. Reedbeds
  24. Sabellaria alveolata reefs
  25. Sabellaria spinulosa reefs
  26. Saline lagoons
  27. Seagrass beds
  28. Wet woodland

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