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Kent Wildlife Trust is the leading wildlife conservation charity covering the whole of Kent and Medway, dedicated to protecting and enhancing the terrestrial and marine wildlife for the future, for everyone to enjoy. Kent Wildlife Trust is part of a network of 47 independent Wildlife Trusts around the UK which provides collective campaigning, management and country-wide programmes on marine, wetland, volunteering and several other issues.
Address: Tyland Barn Sandling, Maidstone Kent ME14 3BD
Telephone No: 01622 662012
Fax: 01622 671390
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Member Activities

Kent Wildlife Trust employs a marine conservation officer and runs an active marine programme in addition to its long- established terrestrial work. 

Kent Seasearch  
Runs the Kent part of the national Seasearch programme of training courses and diving surveys for recreational divers to record seabed habitats and species; with a long-term view to identifying sites of particular marine wildlife value, and mapping subtidal seabed habitats. 

Kent Shoresearch
Runs a programme of training and organised events to record intertidal habitats and species around the Kent coast, also providing field training in species identification and surveys. 

Marine Legislation and Policies
Works to influence the policies and laws that affect wildlife habitats and species in the marine environment and the wider countryside.

Coastal and Offshore Developments
Works to influence coastal and offshore developments, including windfarms.

Thames Gateway
Employs a Thames Gateway Officer to help ensure sustainability and wildlife conservation considerations are incorporated into the new developments.

Marine Sand and Gravel Extraction
Through the Wildlife Trusts’ South East Marine Programme, works with the marine aggregates industry to reduce effects on sea life. 

Sustainable Fisheries
Works to encourage sustainable fisheries.

Marine Awareness and Education

  • Runs an active marine and wildlife awareness and education programme, reaching both children and adults.
  • Promotes and participates in The Wildlife Trusts’ South East “Marine Week” awareness programme, see
  • Encourages participation in marine recording and conservation projects, and promotes lifestyle choices to reduce impacts on marine wildlife.

Nature Reserves
Owns and manages 55 nature reserves, including two important stretches of Kent’s coast, at Pegwell Bay and South Swale. 

Visitor Centres
Runs five visitor centres, including the coastal Reculver Country Park Interpretive Centre. 

Biodiversity Action Plans
Acts as lead partner for the Marine and Sabellaria reefs Habitat Action Plans within the Kent Biodiversity Action Plan; and participates in the South East Region Marine Habitat Action Planning Group, and subgroups of the England Biodiversity Group.

Wildlife Gateway
Delivering innovative, exciting and sustainable new developments and creating vibrant new communities is what the Thames Gateway is all about. A keystone of this approach is effective and targeted action to conserve and enhance the Gateway’s rich natural heritage.  To make this work effectively – and cost-effectively – the regeneration sector needs access to the best guidance and advice. Wildlife Gateway delivers this.  The website provides access to up-to-date information and guidance on planning, design and management for biodiversity. Sources of information have been selected especially for their relevance to the regeneration of Thames Gateway, but many will also be useful throughout the South East.  Wildlife Gateway has been created by the Wildlife Trusts in Thames Gateway as part of their commitment to high quality regeneration which delivers for people and wildlife.  See

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