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Food Shippers Prepare for London Gateway
Location: UK

image relating to news item London, 20 July 2012: Some of the world’s largest shippers of food are preparing to ship to London Gateway when the new deep sea port opens next year on the north bank of the Thames, in Essex.

The International Meat Trade Association (“IMTA”) recently met at London Gateway bringing together representatives from IMTA and DEFRA as well as many of the UK’s leading meat importers, exporters and clearing agents, to view the massive development project being undertaken by DP World and to gain a better understanding of the facilities and services that the new port will offer. The meeting gave IMTA and its members the opportunity to discuss the improved processes and facilities that will be available at London Gateway.

Doug Brydges, President of IMTA, commented: “The priority for our members is that the services on offer at their chosen port are of the highest standard possible.  The hygiene and health considerations associated with the transportation of refrigerated cargos, the speed of container clearance, together with the quality of the inspection facilities is of the utmost importance. We are delighted to work with London Gateway to create value for our members.”

Tabare Dominguez, Business Projects Manager, London Gateway, said: “We are pleased to have had the opportunity to demonstrate to IMTA and its members that London Gateway is the ideal port destination. We are listening carefully to IMTA and we will offer specific facilities which food and refrigerated cargo owners require.”

IMTA has operated for over 100 years and currently has 56 trading members and 13 associate members. IMTA frequently liaises with ports and shipping lines to ensure that facilities and services accommodate the interests of its members. IMTA’s main function is to lobby with relevant policy makers on new consultation papers and operational issues relevant to their businesses. It also regularly meets with government officials, UK authorities and the EU Commission to discuss current issues impacting the wider supply chain industry.

The International Meat Trade Association is one of the oldest meat industry associations in the UK. Its origins go back to 1895 when the UK was beginning to forge new meat trading links with Australia, New Zealand and South America. When it was first founded, the IMTA members worked closely with Government on the distribution of meat supplies. The Association represents the membership’s interests at meetings with the UK authorities, EU Commission and other international bodies. IMTA is an active member of UECBV (European Livestock and Meat Trading Union). Members are supplied with reports of all relevant meetings and are kept fully informed of trade developments affecting their businesses.

DP World operates more than 60 terminals across six continents(1), with container handling generating around 80% of its revenue.  In addition, the company currently has 11 new developments and major expansions underway in 10 countries.  DP World aims to enhance customers’ supply chain efficiency by effectively managing container, bulk and other terminal cargo.  Its dedicated, experienced and professional team of more than 30,000 people serves customers in some of the most dynamic economies in the world.

Opening in Q4 2013, London Gateway will be the UK’s first 21st Century major deep-sea container port and Europe’s largest logistics park. Owned and operated by DP World and situated on the north bank of the River Thames, London Gateway will provide unrivalled deep-sea shipping access to the largest consumer markets in the UK. The port's location, with its superior operational systems and service, will ensure ships load and unload as fast as possible, making London Gateway a world class asset for the UK.

Source: London Gateway website


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